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How to coach Speaker Listener



A coach’s role is pivotal in PREP workshops. We believe a good coach equips couples with the structure of the Speaker Listener Technique so that they may walk away from workshops with skills to employ the technique on their own.

The role of a coach might best be defined by what it is not: a coach is not a therapist. A coach is one who ensures couples adhere to the structure and follow the rules of the Speaker Listener Technique. If the couple is playing by the rules well, the coach praises their efforts; if the couple steps out of bounds, the coach calls it. It is not the role of the coach to get involved in the discussion, explore reasons for behavior or uncover dynamics or deeper patterns.

Let us help you and your coaches better coach the people you work with. Download more information about coaching the Speaker Listener Technique by clicking the link below. You can share this with your co-facilitators and volunteers aiding in your PREP workshops.

LINK:  PREP Speaker Listener Coaching Essentials

The PREP Team!

by Lawrence Ramos

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