Use of Music in PREP Workshops

Use of Music

Music Doodle

We encourage the use of music in a variety of ways throughout PREP workshops. Music is a way to help your participants feel connected to the content and to the learning experience. In all of our train-the-trainers sessions the PREP Team tries to model how music can aid in the experience.

Music can be used at the beginning of each meeting to set a relaxing, welcoming mood. Music can also be played during activities. Sometimes gentle instrumental music will be appropriate for contemplative activities. Upbeat tracks keep energy up during breaks and lighthearted group activity. In couples’ curriculum, love songs might be good to use.

Facilitators should review PREP material carefully and select music that will compliment and support the lesson and connect with the participants. One suggestion that makes a good deal of sense to us is to invite participants to bring in music they think the group would enjoy.

Good luck with your workshops. Please feel free to contact us with any music suggestions or other questions.

by Lawrence Ramos


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