Sharing insights from a PREP-trained facilitator

We recently asked one of our PREP-trained facilitators,

Rose-Marie Smith of Layton, UT about leading workshops. She was kind enough to answer some of our questions in hopes that it helps other facilitators.


“I teach because I left my husband after 2.5 years of marriage (temporarily) having been taught that if you marry the right person, in the right place you will live happily ever after.  Our honeymoon came to a screeching halt after 1 month of marriage when I got pregnant, and just went downhill from there.  There were many things that my mother taught me – some implied and some directly – that were wrong.  I confronted her with them many years later when Gordon and I were on solid ground, and had figured things out.  She agreed that she had probably given me some misinformation.  I didn’t want others to go through what I had been through.

While my kids were growing, my plan was to wait until my youngest had graduated from high school, at which point I intended to go back to school and become a marriage counselor.  I continued teaching until then, only to realize there were many reasons it was not right for me.  Two of those reasons were:  I had heard more than one marriage counselor say that counseling didn’t work, and that couples were better off taking a class together.  Any class!  The other reason was because I didn’t want to be the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, I wanted to be the fence at the top.

Anyway, I learn more from teaching it than probably anyone in my class.  But I love seeing the people I teach realize what they can accomplish together using the tools that they are given! “



“I already worked at one of the high schools so I knew who the community education supervisor was and I just talked to him about it.  He put it in the flyer that went out in the mail.  I talked to a secretary and found out who the supervisor was at the other high school in order to make that one happen.”



“I just barely started using Facebook for this upcoming class in June.  So I am still not sure how well it will work.” Here’s a link to her new page:



Rose shared this story. “… the engaged couple that I taught over the weekend was extremely appreciative, and I got word from the bride’s friend that she is much calmer about everything since taking the class.   She called off the wedding, and hasn’t committed to a date again yet, which I know is stressful for him.  When they left, they both said that they felt the information was very helpful, and that they had learned a lot. (I get that often at the end of classes, but that’s usually the last I hear from anyone, unless they split up.  Then they call me asking for help with resources.)

There are long term positive effects from teaching PREP techniques to people whether it helps them in their current or future relationships. Facilitators should know however, that everyone doesn’t get the happy ending they wanted but you can often help even after a break up.

Do you have innovative ways of getting the word out about your workshop? Or maybe have other insight into being a PREP facilitator?

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